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Godfathers Motorcycle Club
The Godfathers MC are a community/family oriented motorcycle club that was founded in 2012 by close friends that shared a common bond. They raised their sons and daughters as single parents. They had ridden bikes hard for many years, yet still focused on family and job so that their offspring would always have a solid foundation from which to launch their lives. In this situation these riders had become like GODFATHERS to their brother’s children and so they formed the Godfathers MC. Now the Godfathers welcomes other parents that have focused on raising their children as single, married or step parents. The Godfathers claim no territory but protect their homes and communities in which they raise their families. Godfathers hold family first, job second and club third and yet their club has become their family- you figure it out.
The Godfathers followed protocol by establishing relationships with several local clubs. Starting in late 2011 they spent over a year organizing by-laws, heirarchy, and their financial situation. They served another year as a probationary club, participating with other clubs' in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. 
The Godfathers MC is a member of the United Motorcycle Enthusiast (UME) association of clubs and many Godfathers are still proud American Legion Riders.  

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